Saturday, May 28, 2011

More Mario Plushes もっとマリオぬいぐるみ新着!

More Mario plushes this month. This time I ended up with almost a complete collection of the Sound Nuigurumi set, getting the New Super Mario Bros ? Block and Starman. The ? Block make the coin and 1up noise and the Starman plays the invincibility theme when struck or shaken. The Mario Kart plushes are from 1993, one even has the tag still attached! These were game center prizes, Peach and Bowser are part of the collection as well. I was originally gonna sell Yoshi on ebay because I figured something that old would be semi-valuable at least (I had Final Fantasy 7 plushes and got $80 for Cloud and $90 for Sephiroth) but after seeing him (and realizing that there were already some on ebay NOT selling for $25) I figured it was just as well and kept him, he's cute. Mario's great, too, and there was very little discoloration for stuff that was like almost 20 years old. Check the videos for the Sound Nuigurumi in action!

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