Friday, May 27, 2011

More Retro LCD Love

Come to think of it, I think that everything I won via YHJA from my proxy this time was a random search, lol. 'Daijishin' means "Big Quake", and this game has you running around trying to prevent things from falling over, having a fireman come through the window to put out a gas fire, etc. This one is by Bandai and has a fairly unique way standing up: the side of the game folds down like a "leg" of sorts, but the hinge has grown weak since 1982, so it doesn't really stand on its own anymore. 'Pipe Line' is by Masudaya and looks more like a Nintendo Game & Watch in both form factor and in the on screen characters. The gameplay seems like a G&W too, like if you took Oil Panic and gave it a third screen where you had to route the oil you dumped off from the trucks in that game. Interestingly enough, outside of actual wristwatches with games built into them, this is the first game that only takes one button cell battery.

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