Friday, May 27, 2011

Namco Keychains & Pins ナムコドットキャラキーチェーンとピントレコレクション

During a random search (the best kind to find things you didn't know existed) on Yahoo Japan Auctions, I found some exceptionally neat Namco items. I got 9 Namco pin badges from the first volume of these, released in 2005. I'm hoping to find the 2nd volume for a price that isn't insane, soon. These are pretty unique to Namco goods, in that the set mashes up classic Namco with more recent stuff like Taiko no Tatsujin, Katamari Damashii and Mr Driller. It also has some of the stranger titles represented like Baraduke and Toy Pop. The Epoch Gashapon collection are all dot graphics sprites from famous classic Namco games. (I wish someone would make a set for like Sky Kid or Pacland one of these days) I especially love the Mappy sprite, and I more or less got the whole set for the Rally-X S Flag and Galaxian Boss Alien.

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