Sunday, June 05, 2011

Banpresto Lotte Gum Keychain Watch バンプレストロッテガムデジタルウォッチ

So there are 3 of these in the set, each based off of a Lotte gum flavor, and oddly enough I started "collecting" these in 1997. After I went to Japan, my cousin made the trip and wound up bringing me one with little LCD dolphins counting the seconds off as a gift. (I wrote about this being an heirloom of sorts a long while back) So whenever I realized the sheer volume of random stuff on Yahoo Japan Auctions, I began looking for the remaining two. I found this one with pine trees, and I'm actually bidding on the last - Cool Mint with penguins on the LCD display, in case you cared - as I'm writing this. The other 2 don't have the same history to me, or impact, but I still want all 3 because of their "neat factor".

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