Thursday, June 23, 2011

Petit Chara Land One Piece Mugiwara Pirates in Wonderland Tea Party ぷちきゃらランドシリーズ ワンピース 不思議のティーパーティin麦わらの一味

Megahouse seems to have a fixation with pairing up licensed series with Wonderland, but they do it well, so I have no complaints. Gin-san and company were subject to this mashup a few months ago and I loved that set, so when I saw the One Piece cast + donuts + Wonderland, I snatched up a box. Everyone has that Victorian style, there are certain characters in chairs that come with table pieces to complete the tea party effect, along with chara like Sanji serving. A very cute set overall! I particularly like the way Usopp is done, Chopper and Robin are cute, too. Brook is kinda awesome looking as well, but he's kinda "side-heavy" and even though they give you a cane to prop him up with on the back of his chair, it doesn't sit in there very well and he winds up falling over. I finally got him to stay by some miracle (and tilting him a bit), but it was super annoying to get right.

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