Sunday, June 05, 2011

Nintendo Game Sound Calculators 任天堂電卓アイスクライマー、マリオ、ゼルダ

Another awesome thing I've known about for a few years but only got around to obtaining now. I found the Mario one in stock (oddly enough I don't recall seeing Ice Climber, and Zelda was sold out) on a now-defunct website when these were being used as prizes in Game Centers in 2005. I managed to snap it up, but I saw the other 2 on the box and really, really wanted them all when I saw how neat the Mario one was. In addition to the fact that they look like the original Famicom carts, they use the "Nintendo 8-bit font" for all of the buttons, have a game screen from the individual game they're intended to represent on the inside, and best of all they play sounds from the games when you hit the = key! Also - and I didn't know this until I got the other two - when you input the year that the game was made (printed on the calculator itself) and hit =, it makes a hidden "easter egg" noise from the game. Zelda makes the whistle/recorder noise, I was so geeked when I heard it play. You, too, can listen to the sound effects from all 3 in the videos I've posted. ^^

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