Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ROCKMAN -dot.Strap Collection- Vol.1 ロックマン -ドット・ストラップ-コレクション

I was amazed by how big & vibrant these ended up being. They're made of thick rubber, and their colors really pop, especially for only using 8 colors across the whole set. There are only 8 straps in each box, but 9 in the set (7 + 2 secret), so it's impossible to get the whole set in one box. However, I'm glad that I got the secret that I did - the 1up and the E-Tank - because the other one is an 8-bit rendition of Bass/Forte, which, mreh. (I peeked on Yahoo Japan Auctions to see what it was, and of course several were up for sale/bid) I really can't wait for the next set, the robot masters from the first game are the stars.

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