Wednesday, February 07, 2007

After a long hiatus (even though I'm sure no one read this because I never really advertised it to anyone) I've returned and plan on updating this thing regularly now. Anyway, the items du jour have not arrived yet, so I'll be adding some random backlog till they arrive. Dealing directly with Japan to get Japanese items really sucks sometimes, because while it's usually cheaper to buy stuff directly from Japan (i.e. - people don't try and insult your intelligence about the value of something like has frequently happened when I deal with HK sellers on ebay that claim that something that weighs 6 ounces costs $27 to ship) because the business usually sells at close to the retail price in yen, I've found that Japanese businesses -- whether run by foreigners or Japanese -- always take a long time to "process" stuff. Also EMS is very expensive, but I have no complaints when I get something faster than I'd get it if it was shipped inside the US. At any rate, let's get to this week's haul:

- This week's big acquisition is a biggie, a BACK TO THE FUTURE PACHINKO MACHINE! I was bored and browsing ebay for cheap pachinko machines the other night, and quite a few had really low bids on them, including this one, it started at a dollar believe it or not. Alas, I ended up paying like $125 for it, and then the shipping for this monster is $80, but I just got rid of my Wii, so....

- A really awesome Keroro Mascot Robo that talks and has expressions, and apparently "learns" from you and says things based on the seasons and holidays and such, so cool!

- Megami Tensei figures, this is from collection #5, it has Shiva, Gabriel, Poltergeist, Luthol, Belfuigol, and Susano and I hope I get the secret one, I ordered a whole box =P.

- Shadow of the Colossus Trading Figure, these look terrific, mini vignettes from Shadow of the Colossus, or Wanda to Kyouzo depending on where you're from.

- Mini Collection Bakery in Brown shokugan set, awesome realistic bakery foodstuffs from the disgustingly talented people at Megahouse.

- Street Fighter II Soundrop
keychains, so good. Yoga Flame!

- Maneki Neko Gold Version, from the Hidamari no Tami series Tomy makes. His head bows and he beckons you with his paw when sunlight hits him!

- Winoa, it's Japanese-made chocolate with wine in it, sounds absolutely wonderful!

- Bourbon Chotos - Hokkaido Milk. Looked good when I was browsing around J-List, so I figured why not?

Random Stuff From The Backlog:

- Here's a buncha Animal Crossing figures I got a while back

- Some Microman figures from, the Acroyear with the parasol, Setsuna, is great, her color scheme rocks.

- World Tank Museum, assorted volume numbers, I think they're from 4, 6 and 9.

Packin it into the massive Wishlist:

- omg 超かわいい!, want

- I'm totally getting one of these Aquapicts ASAP, I'm hopeless when it comes to the Japanese way of design. I especially like the way that the 'Deep Sea Mode' looks. Silicon jellyfish, so good.

- This looks way cool too, it's a digital ant farm that changes with the seasons.

- This looks rather interesting as well, it recreates an Aurora Borealis in your living room.

- This is a Moeart version of a Shakugan no Shana figure I already have, and it's just as shiny and happy looking as the one I have, if not more. Unfortunately they're effing expensive and hard to come by.

- J-List is the man, they always, always, always have stuff I want, in this case it's a Japanese SDF Light Armored Vehicle from Tomica and also a fantastic Fate/Stay Night figure/outfit set. Yeah I know, I'm girly sometimes, eat me, lol.

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