Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Well due to the eternally lazy postman I had to take a 45 min trip to the post office and get today's haul. Today we have the aforementioned Keroro Gunsou "Robo Mascot", which I have yet to throw batteries into, but I figured I'd take a picture since he's so effin cute! I got a whole box of Megami Tensei volume 5 figures, of which I got the secret figure, and I'll sell off the rest of the box full of remaining doubles. More pictures of that to come too, including the secret figure which is friggin weird. And finally, Wanda to Kyouzou diorama figures, which I have yet to open, but I snapped a picture of the box, which I would've bought by itself just for the 'awesome' factor. ^^; Anyway, enjoy the visuals:

Yes, that is a toilet with the one demon. *cough*
Coolest box ever. btw - One Coin Figure means they're ¥500 a piece, one 500 yen coin, lol.
So cute. So very very cute. And awesome. He should be alive and be my best friend.

Also, today I want:

- Dragon Quest Dot Monsters Magnets, so cool in a totally rad 80's/8-bit way. ^^

- The mole guy リセットさん from Animal Crossing rocks.

- Also so good, Dragon Quest Figures in the style of Toriyama-sensei's art for the series! Now all we need are come Chrono Trigger figures, dammit!

- These are pretty good looking too, One Piece Styling 3 figures, I particularly like Luffy, Chopper and Robin looks kinda awesome too.

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