Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Well today I had a snow day from work, heh, so I took the liberty of putting the Megami Tensei figures together that I had gotten yesterday. I must say, they're exactly what I expected out of a Kotobukiya product (and also I have part of another collection ^^;). There's Belphegor, Susanoo (one of my faves, brother of Amaterasu ^^, and wields the legendary sword -- Kusanagi -- pulled from the tail of an eight-headed serpent named Yamata no Orochi after getting him drunk on eight bowls of sake, one for each head, and then decapitating him, heh heh), Shiva, Poltergeist, Gabriel, Hathor and finally the secret figure, Mara, which looks like some weird Chluthu-looking thing riding a chariot. See pics below. In other news, MY BACK TO THE FUTURE PACHINKO MACHINE ARRIVED TODAY!!!!! I have yet to open it, but watching the FedEx dude bring it up in the snow was a sight to behold (hey, I was getting my $80-worth out of shipping no matter what). I took a pic of the massive box it came in, I was hoping for a crate. -_-;

Dreaming of demons =P
Check out the toilet monster, and it looks like Shiva's about to take out Susanoo's leg with his trident ~_^

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