Sunday, February 11, 2007

More random pic posts of my room:

Hm, let's see, what do we have here, an L tea cup and saucer from Death Note, 2 銀魂 yunomi tea cups, a D. Gray Man glass and mug, a little Allen Walker stamp, a really awesome Illumicube that hooks up to your ipod and lights like a disco floor to the music, a Parappa mug that my cousin brought me back from Japan in 1998, a Hijikata donburi bowl, a Shinku music box from Rozen Maiden and last but definitely not least a ケロロ軍曹 season plate from last year, this one happens to be autumn.
My ワン・ピース Going Merry pirate flag, so cool!
My pachinko machine with an Inuyasha 祭 doll in front of it. The machine itself is themed as ゲゲゲの鬼太郎
More pachinko, this time the top, with Domo-kun, Kiba from Naruto and Kenpachi and Byakuya from Bleach.
A tapestry, prolly a furoshiki from a penpal of mine in Japan, also 2 months of the Naruto 2007 Shueisha calendar, both taken from the manga.
Some Jump issues, a Trigun bust, an awesome teapot I got in Squirrel Hill back in like 2001 that is from -- you guessed it -- Japan, part of a Naruto figure and really pretty cans/bottles of tea that were too great to throw out.
Rumble Roses Figumate figures, Konami makes a whole line of Figumate stuff, you can also see various Keroro things behind them, I need to rearrange them so the Gunsou is in the front, because to not display him prominently would be a crime! ^^;
Packaging from apple and muscat gumis, Pocky boxes, Calbee ホット&スパイシー potato chips, part of my Gintama calendar, though you can barely see the panels hanging up, another tapestry sent by a Japanese friend, a big metal windchime thing that I made out of cut up Japanese drink cans (and their cans are made from steel, no crushing em on your head!), and the largest part of the picture is the Death Note 2006 calendar that I turned into posters with some clever cleaving.
Finally, a ton of manga, mostly Death Note, Claymore, D Gray Man, Zombie Powder (the first manga by the mangaka that did Bleach), Busou Renkin, Katekyo Hitman Reborn! and HunterXHunter volumes. On top we have a ridiculously cool clock my host fam gave me back in 1996 when I was in Kagoshima on Kyushu, a Turn A Gundam bank whose green LED eyes light up when you put money into it, Kotori no Dayori, a solar powered bird whose beak moves and makes various chirping and crowing sounds when the sun hits her, an SD Godzilla rubix cube (also gotten while I was in Japan in '96), and a whoooooole bunch of Shokugan food toys like the Kongari no Pan-ya san precisely glued into place so they look awesome.

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