Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It's been a little while since I've posted, so let's see what's new this week! I got some good pictures of my now set up pachinko machine, Back to the Future style! I took some screen shots as best as I could with a camera in front of a screen that gives off glare, so let's hope you get to adequately see the splendor that is BttF with anime stylings. Also today I got some Dragon Quest swag, really cool figures that are based on Toriyama-sensei's character designs (Akira Toriyama created not only the Dragon Ball universe and characters and perfected spiky anime hero hair, but also did all of the character designs for Enix's Dragon Quest series, and for then arch-rival Square's Chrono Trigger series.) and magnets that are "dot-graphics", that is to say they look like the 8-bit sprites in the first DQ game. Unfortunately I did not get Dragonlord, I'm kinda pissed ~^. Usually when I order boxes of stuff I get a whole set, and both of these products were made by Square-Enix Toys, and I didn't get a whole set of 7 in the box of TWELVE of the DQ figures, either. My collection lacks the Princess of Moonbrook from DQII, and I want her! Anyway for now enjoy the pics!

absent from photo: Dragonlord, damned packaging company -_-;.

has a 1-up 'shroom on the other side

There's a button you can press for an explanation of features, which shows various scenes from the actual "game", here we have BttFIII with Marty lassoing numbers, haha.

the machine in its entirety, finally a place to put more of my UFO Catcher swag at the top! there's リセットさん from 動物の森 as well as Monkey D. Luffy with a pirate hat on (so incredibly hard to find, I spent 2 months finding him when I gave up and accidentally found him browsing on ebay one day) and a pillow of リーくん's head.

all art should be 8-bit

Here's the attract mode for the machine, complete with a polygon model of the DeLorean driving down the street. The monitor looks pretty high-def in person.

The flash didn't go off on this one so it's kinda hard to see, but there's Marty playing Johnny B Goode at the enchantment under the sea dance, lol.

Dude, why isn't the little Dragon Quest 1 guy carrying the cool gold shield?!

Flying car chase that wasn't in any of the movies.

Here's anime Doc at the clock tower scene.

If you're wondering about the girl in the bunny ears, DQIII let you pick the classes of your characters and you could pick a jester/fuckoff class which apparently looked like a casino drink wench.... or something.

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