Sunday, May 17, 2009

Digging for Treasure

Well it wasn't exactly digging, more like foraging. I found my old Super Famicom games in the closet this week. You can tell I was about 16 when I bought these, just by looking at the titles. Isometric DBZ Action-RPG game, G Gundam (so good), The Great Battle III (SD Gundam series) and Live A Live (a really great little RPG from Square that never made it outside of Japan).

I remember that each of these games cost well over $100 with shipping, back in the day. I actually ran across an invoice that for whatever reason I saved, for my copy of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, the limited edition from Japan on the very day it released, and that cost me $130 with overnight shipping (I was young and stupid and impatient!) for the PS1. God, I'm such a frivolous, impulsive human being. I can draw so many parallels to my collecting figures today - and consequently why I don't yet have my bachelor's degree. >< Yes, my life has been stunted because of figures and games. It's like a punch in the gut to actually admit it. There's more to it obviously, but the financial aspect I owe to those things and being about as reliable with money as leaving your appletini with an alcoholic.

Completely unconnected to this epiphany - and in the interest of being a grownup for once - I've canceled the gross majority of pre-orders I had made at any and all online retailers for figures and paraphernalia. I really need to actually do something with myself, and that unfortunately requires money.


necrophadian said...

oh man, Symphony of the night, I remember staying up till 4 to beat that game aeons ago. and WTH? A G gundam famicom game? that's a real treasure you got there.

Karasu-kun said...

Lol not a treasure according to ebay. Just for shits n giggles I looked up how much people would pay for it, like $5 really. And I bet you'd find about a thousand in Akiba at like Super Potato or whatever.