Wednesday, May 27, 2009

USB Keroro Gunsou Pasotomo

Suddenly the top of my computer case is very busy. First I got my USB owl that sits on his little plastic tree stump and bobs his head and blinks. Today, my Pasotomo (shortened version of pasokon, Japanese for personal computer and tomo, shortened version of tomodachi which is Japanese for friend.) Keroro Gunsou arrived! He plugs in to any USB port and reacts to sound and voice by swinging his head and his cheeks light up. He was actually bigger than I expected, I was expecting a tiny version of Gunsou-san, this iteration is as tall as my USB owl and his stump. He's adorable, though a talking version with his seiyuu from the anime would be cuter, but there's one small problem I have. I wouldn't so much mind the fact that he's overtly-sensitive to sound if the motor in his neck wasn't so loud. It sounds like a tiny locomotive of sorts, and with him being set off by the slightest noise I found that it started to grate on my nerves kinda fast. Apparently he's pretty popular, being sold out at both HLJ and Hobby Search. He retails for 1800yen.

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