Friday, May 29, 2009

Getting a Handle on Things

So I just canceled my Alter Saber Lily preorder, leaving just Yoko Bounty Hunter Version as this month's singular preorder. I've been trying to whittle down my anime expenditures as of late, reflected in the rhetoric 2-3 posts of the past month or two. I'm in that horrible middleground that most people that consider themselves otaku, are not. In fact, most of the audience seem to be on one side of the fence or the other. They're either 17-21 year-olds who have a part time job or rich parents and no obligation to pay bills and buy a lot of figures, or they're adults who have "made it" and can buy whatever the hell they want with reckless abandon because they're masters of science or art. (Or they're poor and they mention how they can't buy molded hunks of plastic here and there) In any event, I have yet to finish my degree, and I've (stupidly) mortgaged about 5 years of my life now over buying said hunks of plastic. The fact that they're all extremely limited in production was part of why I didn't stop in the first place, but I sort of want my tale to have a happier ending. Continuing to have no diploma and a mediocre job will only lead to a mediocrely diploma-free existence.

As I've said in the past on here, a change of scenery would be more than welcome, even a slight one to pop this bubble of routine would be nice. I think this is a nice start to that. Removing a figure that would've cost over $100 with shipping, that I can easily obtain on Yahoo Japan Auctions a few years from now when the economy has rebounded and I (hopefully) have a career, I feel, is definitely a good start. An occurrence like this is partially the reason why I stopped reading almost entirely. I know that if I read that site as much as I had been before, I would probably end up preordering and ordering a lot of things that I don't really need. I'm going to make a post about that later (I've been putting it off) but for now that one sentence explanation will suffice.

Buying unnecessary, aesthetically pleasing things is fun. I won't deny that. If I had to define myself I think perhaps I'd have to invent a new word: "hedomasochist". I overindulge with a lot of things, it's a real problem. Nothing bad yet, alcohol is kind of a turn off (I have no idea how something that makes someone feel so shitty would be addictive, so to alcoholics I sarcastically salute your vigor), never tried a drug in my life and have never really wanted to other than pot (I've had a contact high or two and they were fun, sue me for wanting to see what the real thing is like), not too much of a gambler because my logical brain intercedes killing any potential fun or profit. Mainly it's just with oral fixation - namely non-alcoholic drinks, and collecting stuff. And even with collecting I usually have a discerning eye. Uuuuuuunfortunately for me and many others, Japan makes too many well-crafted items of interest.

However, I've always had this thirst for travel, this wanderlust, in me. And keeping myself here is absolutely a masochistic act. If I ever forget this, my mind reminds me when I read any J-Blog and automatically think, "Wow I could be doing/seeing that right now," being ironically flanked by my PVC collection behind me.

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