Saturday, May 02, 2009

Gutsy Fansubbing

Just a quick post to say I'm glad that Eclipse is continuing (or at least still posting what they've done) to sub Hagaren (Fullmetal Alchemist). Fuck you, Funlessnazi entertainment and all of the shitty English voice actors you employ.


necrophadian said...

whoa!!! nuclear rage detected. LOL
I've always wondered, would anime in the US be cheaper if companies decided not to hire ANY english VA's at all and go directly to the subtitle route.

Karasu-kun said...

Well, they've put up episode 5 as of today, so I'm very happy at this moment.

Anyway I'd assume they'd be at least a little cheaper, given that the VAs receive income for what they do. I can't imagine they make THAT much, but who knows, if they're like the record industry they may just cut their VAs out and invent expenses to keep more of the pie and charge the same or more.

I could go on and on about the nuclear rage thing, because I have a genuine interest in the language and culture of Japan so I find it extremely disingenuous when someone like that "ninjapoebear" guy on - for just one example - is content to turn something legitimate that I like into pop culture garbage. That might sound snobbish and trying to turn anime into something it's not, but I find it to be a cultural phenomenon like no other in its home country, it just seems to be something that people wish to cash in on, here.

Again, I could write a book about my views on the subject, most of it would be really biased, too, lol. Just suffice it to say that I don't really like people with merely surface interests in things that expect something to bend to their will (i.e. - "get in mah language!") because they want to see someone kill people with a notebook or whatever. If everything is pop culture, then the culture part fades and then you just have a bunch of brainless schlock.