Tuesday, May 05, 2009

My Dinner With Nendoroids

Konata's about to dive in, but poor Kyouka looks disgusted

Just a real quick cute photo post. I put this up on DC.com as a news item. I've gone largely veggie now, in fact tonight I was offered a steak and couldn't take more than two bites without feeling ill. The last few times I've eaten red meat I've felt kinda grossed out, and I've noticed (not that it isn't obvious anyway) I feel a hell of a lot better when I eat veggies and fruits for meals. This actually makes me happy, it was the push over the cliff that I needed to get healthier. As for the photo, I decided to set up my favorite new dish with my nendoroids of Konata cosplaying as Saber from F S/N and Kyouka from Diary of a Crazed Family. The recipe is just spinach, onions, mushrooms, orzo, feta cheese and peppers in a little bit of butter and oil with breadcrumbs (I could never be a vegan, lulz) stuffed into a hollowed pepper and then baked with foil over it for around 35 min. The mac n cheese is homemade, macaroni and real cheese with a little bit of milk, etc etc. Nothing complex, but it tastes great!

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