Monday, August 29, 2011

Game Characters Collection Mini Rockman ゲームキャラコレクションミニロックマン

Time for more collectibles from my favorite series: Rockman! It's hard to believe that Megaman is almost a quarter of a century old (next year!). I was really anticipating these, as I fell in love with them the second I laid eyes on them. Whoever designed these did such a good job making them all miniature and SD. They also picked some of the best bosses to include, Snakeman, Skullman, Elecman, Airman... Right down the box design, you can tell a lot of care goes into the GCC (Game Characters Collection) line, though I have to admit bias to loving the series they've done so far, Megaman, Persona 3, 4, soon 2. Although, I can never understand the inclusion of Roll in these sets, can someone explain it to me? Oh, and the secret is regular blue bomber Megaman with his helmet off.

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