Monday, August 29, 2011

MEGAMAN -dot.Strap Collection- Vol.2 ロックマン -ドット・ストラップ-コレクション Vol.2

Another Rockman 8-bitified strap collection. I love this set because it features the robot bosses from the first game. Too many Rockman toys/collectibles focus on him, Protoman/Blues, Roll, Rush, etc etc. The colors on these straps, as with the last set are super vivid, so they definitely "pop". The two secret straps this time are Dr. Wily prostrating himself on the ground (i.e. - after he's defeated in the games) and the other (one I didn't get, there are 9 in each set, but a box only contains 8 straps) is apparently Sniper Joe, the one-eyed robot ubiquitous throughout all of the early Megaman games.

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