Sunday, August 28, 2011

KidRobot Dunnys

Dunnys are a designer/art toy line created by KidRobot. Several collections of these are released every year, all designed by artists that usually contribute 1-2 designs per set. As designer toys have become a legit medium in the mid-part of the last decade, these toys and their designers have their own cult following, and some artists have really gotten a foothold designing for sets like these. The sets are usually themed, like Britain, or animals, or graffiti or somesuch design scheme that the artist has to adhere to. There are also sets that are numbered with a year, like "Dunny 2011" for example, where the artists do like a free design sorta thing. And as is the rule with blind box designer toys, these sets have "chase figures" which have a ratio of discovery of like 1/80 or less and can be quite valuable. In the latest sets they've even gone to things like "golden tickets" where, when you find one you can send it in for an ultra-rare handmade Dunny, some of which go for several hundred dollars on ebay.

A lot of these figures have crazy quality and are made of lots of different materials, thus making them quite varied and even though they're all based off of the same basic Dunny mini figure, they definitely don't look the same. For example, there's a design that looks like a gumball machine, the little plastic balls inside the head shake around inside, or with another one shaped like a cute lion, it has a furry mane, a Dunny from the Azteca line has a huge stone head and gems in its eyes. Another, shaped like a gorilla, is flocked and 100% fuzzy all over. They also sell blank Dunnys of different shapes and sizes, where you can make your own custom figure. If you Google "custom Dunnys", you'll find never ending galleries of creativity from budding designer toy artists everywhere, famous and non!

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