Friday, September 05, 2008

My Really Awful Musha Keroro Modelling Attempt

Took some pictures of the model of Keroro that I completely ruined, in this case it's Musha Keroro, musha meaning warrior, in this case a samurai. I attempted to spray him with gray primer, which didn't work, so I used paint thinner to remove it, Then I attempted to paint him using Testors, which ended up being way too dark a green, and also glossy, and also lacked the proper mixture in the pot which made it way too thick. In short, he was looking like garbage before I really did anything to him that would bring him a step closer to completion. So, instead of going out and buying white primer (which, I didn't know you could actually use the kind in the large spraycan, I thought model primer was special and no shops around here carry white model primer, ah well live and learn) and redoing it that way, I ended up just using old Gundam Markers to paint the whole thing plastic-raw. As expected, the details look good, but the large patches suck hardcore. Going to buy another from HLJ and some white primer, and have a go at it again. I really like this model, it's $5 and they make these like, eternally compared with completed PVC figures. In dim lighting he actually looks pretty good, but as you can see, the flash brings out the flaws -- a lot. By the way, this took a grand total of about 3 hours.

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