Thursday, September 04, 2008

Real Life Shishio Makoto

Does he not look a lot like the Rurouni Kenshin villain, Shishio Makoto?
Stolen from Japan Probe:

A monk in Niigata tried to beat some hornets with a homemade torch, but ended up burning down his temple:

The 41-year-old tried to burn out a hornet’s nest on top of a cupboard in his temple in the central Japanese province Niigata with a home-made bamboo torch.

However, the cupboard caught fire as the angry insects defended their home and attacked the scared priest. The fire soon spread to the rest of the building. While the priest only suffered light burns, the temple burnt down completely.

As you can see, the monk now has minor burns covering much of his face, giving him a creepy appearance as he explains the situation to the press. He says that he had not been expecting the hornets to go after him, and their sudden attack shocked him into dropping the torch and starting the fire that eventually burned down the temple.

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