Thursday, September 04, 2008

Yoshizaki Mine Designs a Character for Soul Calibur 4!

Separated at birth?

One of my favorite manga creators of all time (I'm not going to say mangaka, because I really like the anime version of Keroro Gunsou, but not the manga version, however he DID create the characters, so...) and pre-Keroro, famed ero-bishoujo artist, Yoshizaki Mine, made a character for Soul Calibur 4! I'm pretty happy about this, except for the fact that I noticed purely by the features of said character. Not only does she share part of her name with a pre-existing Keroro character, Angol Mois, but her outfit and weapon are largely the same as Mois-dono's. For those of you that aren't familiar with the Keroro universe, Angol Mois was sent to earth to destroy it but finds Keroro and company there and stops her mission when her "uncle" Keroro expresses his like for it, as well as their need for conquering it intact. Angol Fear (the SC4 character's name) has differences, though. Namely being black, having white hair, a palette-swapped outfit of gray, and bigger breasts which I'm sure were included just to take advantage of SC4's advanced physics engine.

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