Wednesday, September 10, 2008

今日の読み物 (Today's Reading)

Here's what I'm reading today. Ranging from the most elementary of manga, Yotsubato!, what's considered to be the first novel ever written, Genji Monogatari, or The Tale of Genji as it's known in the West. I'm not that far along in Genji yet, but it's enthralling for something that was written in the 1100's. Yotsubato! is about a girl named Yotsuba (get it?) that is 5 years old and misunderstands the simplest of things, making for interesting situations. It isn't clear where she's from, but the series makes it out to be like she's foreign and "Tou-chan", as she calls her dad, adopted her. It's an adorable series, and Yotsuba is an absolutely endearing character.

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