Monday, April 05, 2010

Apparently I Buy Lots of Capcom Stuff / 沢山カプコングッズを買ってんだ

I love saving these little stickers that come on packages that are pretty much unique to Japan. They attach them to their products as "official markings" showing that the company made it and it's not some Chinese/Hong Kong bootleg product. (Which is pretty ironic since most of the legit products are actually made in China) They used to come on eeeeeeeverything, in fact a few years ago in like 2007 I got a box of Dragon Quest figures and each individual one had a "Dragon Quest 20th Anniversary" sticker on it in the shape of a little shield. Now, though, if you buy a large box with like 12 blind box figures or whatever, only the large box comes with a sticker on it. Just like in the last few years they've switched to plastic ballchains on keychain figures/gashapon, as opposed to metal ones. I guess the profit margin was just too thin to include real metal. =P

Oh, I also love the little Pac-man guy in the choking warnings, so I stick him on stuff, too. =P Thank you for peering into my strange little world. ^^;

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