Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pics of My Game & Watch Collection

My Game & Watch collection is up to 14 now, this isn't including the two that I haven't received yet.

I bid on one and won last week, around the time that I also won the Lifeboat G&W I posted, and not only have I not received it now over a week later, but I'd sent a message to the guy that sold it to me via ebay's messaging service and today marks the 3rd day that that hasn't been replied to. And I sent him an e-mail to his actual e-mail address yesterday (which, bafflingly he published in the payment/invoice notes. If you purposefully add contact info in order for people to contact you, I'd think you'd be prompt in replying to things) so I hope I get a response soonish, or the actual item in the mail would be good, too. I looked at the auction history, too, and the auctioneer had a Buy It Now price that was removed early on, so I'm thinking perhaps he's bummed out that I got it for $53 and is going to try and deny me and re-auction it. The amount becomes unspecified after removal so I don't know how much he wanted for it, but generally with G&W auctions, if there's a BIN price set, they want a decent chunk of change for it. But that's speculation on my part, I hope everything works out okay, because I really want this G&W!

The other is a Lion, Gold G&W from Yahoo Japan Auctions. This one is via my good proxy bidding buddies over at Goody Japan, and I'll be receiving it in my next (and last *gasp!*) auction shipment.

Anyway, here are some pics of my current collection, only a few are boxed/with instructions, but I'm proud of all of them!

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