Monday, April 05, 2010

One Coin Grande Figure Collection Sengoku BASARA - Second Costume Color Change / ワンコイングランデフィギュアコレクション 戦国BASARA~第弐陣 染衣装編~

I usually love any sort of add-on for video games that involves new weapons, costumes, etc. I still do, even though they now charge money for them (ala Street Fighter IV and lots of other examples that escape me at the moment). One place I usually wasn't overtly fond of this phenomenon was with figures. It was cool when work went into 3-D models inside of a pretend world and it actually reflected some sort of change, but for a figure that I wouldn't be doing anything with but displaying it, it seemed kind of stupid or pointless to buy one with just a slightly different outfit without a different sculpt. I don't want to use the phrase "cop out" or "cash cow", but with the production methods they have today, it takes very little to make a figure with a different outfit and then charge a lot for them.

Having said that, I've been kinda cuckoo for Kotobukiya's One Coin figure series since they debuted. There are series I don't even know - and in one case even a BL/yaoi series - that I've bought or almost bought boxes/sets of before just because I liked how cool the figures looked. I loved the initial two Sengoku BASARA sets, and when I saw that two MORE sets in addition to the third original set, were coming out, I was incredibly pleased. I was more than happy to pay for color/costume changes for these sets to have more One Coin love to display!

On Saturday I got my AmiAmi package (with 1/2 price shipping!) containing the "Second Color Change" set of these. Some are simple "palette swaps", but others have equipment in different places, a new facemask, etc. Anyway, enjoy the colorful pics!

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