Thursday, April 08, 2010

Yet Another Small Haul

Got another small haul from Strapya today, as expected. This one contained a "Desktop Sakura" kit, which is really a cardboard-cut tree that you soak in "magic water". The "magic water" is actually sodium acetate, and it catalyzes a chemical reaction with what is sprayed on the "tree", and within 24 hours it grows delicate crystals that appear like a tree blooming.

When I was a little kid these were around as stocking-stuffer items around xmas time in the form of xmas trees. So I was a little surprised to see these like 15-20 years later in the form of Sakura. ^^; I'll be taking some photos as I set it up and as it "blooms"

The real bread and butter here were the Game & Watch keychains. By Takara Tomy A.R.T.S, these (disappointingly) don't play the actual games, but rather are solar-powered keychains that play the "demo animation" of gameplay. They're a lot smaller than their original G&W counterparts, but to me, that's what makes them cool. If they were the regular G&W size, I think that'd detract from their authenticity. As far as the lack of playability, with all of the G&Ws I own, I think the coolest thing about displaying any of them is just watching the demo as the unit sits there. (i.e. - I like the design more than the games themselves) These are also solar-powered, so you don't have to keep replacing batteries, which is awesome, as well.

I'll be taking more pics of all of this, "unboxed" later, but I'm also expecting another package tomorrow, so expect more updates!

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