Saturday, April 10, 2010

Magic Sakura: A Beautiful Flower Blooms - Almost / まじっくSAKURAを咲かせて試す

As I said yesterday, I got a little bit of loot from Strapya the previous day, including a "Magic Sakura" tree. Today I decided to assemble, and try to "grow" it. Growth, in this case meaning that I take the cardboard tree out of the package, place it in a stand, bend the "branches" in different directions and then pour the "fertilizer" (or magic water, as the package calls it) - which is actually sodium acetate - in the tray and supposedly in 3-4 hours the tree will begin to bloom.
 Some interesting almost-Engrish here. It kinda sucks, Engrish seems to be disappearing in the larger sense, so either Japanese companies are hiring in-house native English speakers or Japanese people are getting much, much better at English. Or both! Good on them, bad for those of us that are entertained by it & have to look harder for it.

Having done this little magic trick before, I know it works, so all I have to do now is sit back and wait and I'll have Hanami on my desktop! I've taken some pics of the growing/assembly process. More pics to come as my sakura tree blooms!

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GunStray said...

That is one cute tree you have there^^