Friday, April 03, 2009

1/8 Misaka Mikoto by Kotobukiya

New figure ゲット!Though apparently she has been out since October of last year, Misaka-san landed on my doorstep today, courtesy of Robert's Corner Anime Store. They actually had her on sale for $37 (which at any non-reputable store would've raised suspicion for something that's been sold out everywhere else for a long time) and she's made by Kotobukiya which has a US division, so I guess that's the reasoning behind the price. She did have a tiny paint fleck taken off of the tip of her shoe, but meh, I'm a reasonable man. From the series To Aru Majutsu no Index, Misaka Mikoto is a level 5 psychic power user who can create instant railgun shots by using a coin as a conductor for her power. Overall, she's gorgeous, her facial expression is actually what made me want her so much, well that and actually watching the anime. The pose is pretty awesome, too, she comes with two different arms, one bent with electricity crackling and one with her ready to flip a coin. Tomorrow (I hope) the other half of this pair will arrive: Shiroi Kuroko, from Hobby Search. Their bases attach to make a sort of diorama setup. I've taken lots of pics to drool over, as you can see.

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