Friday, April 10, 2009

Restless Days

My mind usually does not rest, it's just one of those things that I've come to accept in the past few years. But in the past four days or so, it's just been this weird chronic non-ending stream of consciousness. Last night I had a dream that lasted pretty much the entire 9 or so hours that I slept. It wasn't bad, it was just monotonous for the most part. I'd really like when I'm unconscious to feel nothing so I can wake up feeling like I've actually rested to some degree. I think if I had some peace of mind, or I knew where I was actually going or what I'm doing with myself, I'd probably be able to calm a little or a lot. Even a change of scenery at this point would probably do me a world of good.

As of a minute from when I'm typing this, it will be an even week since I sent my Misaka Mikoto/Biribiri figure back to Robert's Anime Store to be replaced... I sent it Priority Mail, which should've been there by Wednesday at the latest. I should've had the replacement back today or tomorrow... Blah. The saddest part is, I can't blame them. Kotobukiya sent it to them unopened and the box wasn't damaged to any large degree, so it was Koto's fault in the first place, and I've heard a good experience from everyone on that's ordered from there so I would guess that the slowness/loss of the package is the post office's fault.

In that vein... I'm getting a compressor and airbrush -- as a matter of fact I'm narrowing down choices right now. I figure that in my downtime I might as well do something productive like Gundam-building. More to come on that front... I'm taking advice from an apparent 15-year veteran of model building on Danny Choo, Bolt. He's been writing a series of Plamo tips that so far have been very helpful. =) This article on airbrush and compressor buying tips was what spurred me on (well that and the fact that I've been wanting to break into serious Gunpla modeling for a while now) to buy the airbrush/compressor set. And then there are the articles he's done so far on: gluing, puttying and seam filling, and sanding. I'm glad someone finally made a detailed writeup of specifics on model building from a Gunpla sort of perspective. Anything I've read so far either glosses over the important bits that need explaining or does like model cars or Games' Workshop miniatures or something that I'm not concerned with. Danny did a fairly okay article on Gundam building for busy people or whatever, but there really wasn't enough detail in that, like primer, specifics about painting, etc.

When I used to build Gundams a few years ago, I actually (and I'm totally ashamed to admit this knowing what I know now) used brush and paint and Gundam Markers for the whole thing! If you'll all remember, I lacked the funds to get the right tools before, and lacked the patience to wait to put my Keroro Shogun together, so I intentionally just colored him with the Gundam Markers and brushes. See, this is why the internet needs tutorials like Bolt's! Now that I'm getting the proper tools, I really want to get as good as the people in Hobby Japan magazine. ^^;

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