Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gaming Roundup: Dead Rising 2, VOOT 360, Tekken 6, Monster Hunter G

So Monster Hunter dropped for the Wii last week in Japan, and it's off to a stellar start. 132,000 copies from what Kotaku says. The other titles that are new releases in the top 10 last week pale in comparison with the next highest being Killzone 2 & only reaching 41,000 sold. There seems to be a lot of validity to the stats about the declining Japanese interest in video games. I was thinking today about how I like Monster Hunter so much but have only played one of the games (MH Freedom 2). I love the franchise and its depth and concepts a lot, it's just super frustrating to play. Either that, or I'm playing it wrong, lulz. As far as a US/international release? No idea, I looked for a good 10 minutes and couldn't find anything on a date for those of us abroad. I did however find this really entertaining fake news promo from (I'm assuming) the UK:

Other bits:
Dead Rising 2 trailer:Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram released for XBox 360 via Live Arcade this week. Gameplay trailer:HD Tekken 6 trailer:

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