Friday, April 03, 2009

What a Week...

Part of my Strapya haul, a Baby Tree from Central America

The reason behind it is going to sound like a spoiled brat, but this week has been a pile of crap. I was supposed to get five packages this week. That didn't happen. I got three -- and one has to go back, which means even more waiting. I got my Nendroid haul intact on Tuesday, then yesterday I got my Strapya World order and my Misaka Mikoto figure, which I reviewed yesterday. Well... after I noticed the small orange paint fleck on her shoe, I noticed two others, and a few small spots where paint was missing on the same shoe. Now I don't know if I just started getting overtly-scrutinous or what, but I started finding more blemishes. The base had a chip taken out of it and the seams on her socks had swirls or marks that looked like they might've been a paint blemish, might've been where the parts had been cut from the runner they were on or whatever. Originally I wasn't going to return her, but it bothered me that the figure that I had gotten that I liked so much had blemishes, and then finding further problems sealed the deal. I may be being a bit of a baby about this here, because if you pose her the way she's supposed to be posed you can't even see the blemish on her shoe, but "I'll know it's there," (so cliche I know). I've already gotten a return confirmation number, so I guess it's a race between getting a new one of her and my other stuff arriving.

The aforementioned "other stuff" are two packages from Hobby Search. HS doesn't combine orders, even if I made them a minute apart because I forgot something or whatever, they basically tell you to piss off. Grant you, I cannot complain because I've never had a bad experience with them for the most part. So along with the Strapya package, I had 3 EMS packages in the mailstream at once earlier this week, the Strapya one made it through, but the two that HS had sent out simultaneously got snagged by customs at JFK, and have been there for the better part of 3 days now. I bought another Index figure, this time it's Shirai Kuroko, and the other package contains a T scale train, track with power box and a few small assorted other things. The only thing I can figure that would be the hinderance here would be the power box. However, the box runs on 3 AA batteries, how the hell dangerous could it be? I just assume that if people are assholes (which they are) and we're in an economic crisis (which we are) they might want to flex their patriotic muscles and impede the delivery of my stuff because I'm exporting dollars out of the country which could otherwise be used to help inner city youths read books or something. Cough. Then again I could just be paranoid.

I really hope next week is better than this one.

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