Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tokyo Burger

Buncha regurgitive stuff today. I found via Peter of J-List's Twitter, an awesome site about burgers in Tokyo. Yes, that Tokyo. Apparently Tokyo has some tasty burgers. There was an article a while back on Akiba Channel, albeit not as big, on burgers specifically in Akihabara. I think it's funny that most foodies are fairly Euro-centric as far as dishes they relish are concerned but that the greatest pizza chef in the world (proven via competition) was determined to be Japanese in 2006 at least, as well as the world's greatest bartender. Granted, pizza and booze aren't sushi, Beef Wellington and John Dory, but non-snobs shouldn't care about making a distinction like that if it tastes good and isn't mass-produced. It's really funny because if you read these articles, you'll see that some of the more famous burger joints have 'New York' or 'Seattle' in their name but their burgers are purely Japanese in invention/innovation. I, for one, would kill for burgers here to regularly include an egg on top of them. (ala - the Tamago Mac at Makudonarudo)

Next up is a modded mouse that uses actual NES controller parts. Not much to say about this, other than it's really awesome. Makes me wish I didn't sell my NES and controllers, and also knew how to make a mouse out of them.

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bill said...

I would love to try a seafood burger at Mos Burger.