Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Still haven't built that damned train set...

Once again, the lovely Misaka-san ^^;

So I still haven't built the train set that I posted a while back. It's still sitting in the box on the floor. I was going to purchase some more track accessories yesterday when I made an order to Hobby Search, but I decided to buy some Keroro Gunsou Plamo instead. Hobby Putty, a few models (which was the whole impetus for this order) and two figures. I'm looking forward to using my compressor/airbrush setup, if it ever stops fucking raining here. See, I live in the worst state on the northern part of the east coast of the US. So naturally the days where I have zero やる気 (that's yaruki for those of you who don't read Japanese) - or ambition, "drive" - it's sunny and pushing 70 degrees outside. The days where I want to do something there's a glut of 45 degree weather with rain/snow. I love the rain, but not when I'm trying not to suffocate myself with paint fumes and painting outside for the above reason.

I have a 1/144 Gundam Rose and a primered semi-assembled 1/144 Gundam Maxter that I have to paint currently. The 1/144 Gundams that Bandai put out before are little more than toys, which is evidenced by their 500yen pricetag, but I enjoy putting them together nonetheless. And since this is my first real outing with the airbrush and compressor, I kinda don't want to go in buying a Perfect Grade and screwing it up. (as PGs are several hundred more yen than a 1/144 non-HG Gunpla kit =P) I, however wanted more of a challenge than these two and purchased a 1/100 Aile Strike Gundam kit. I also got a few Keropla (Keroro + plastic model) kits of Musha Keroro (which I have one of already, but screwed it up because I didn't have anything to spray it with and just did it by hand) and a Garuru kit. Even though I really didn't care for Gundam SEED, I like the mobile suits of this series, especially Strike and it's many, many incarnations.

I once again broke my rule of only ordering merch from series that I watch/read (Not that it is a rule, heh). I want to watch this series after ordering this Nendroid (Nendoroid? I've been spelling it Nendroid for a while now, the last syllable doesn't have the 'o' when it's romanized, shrug) because she's awesome, does that count? ^^; She's Midarezaki Kyoka from Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, aaaaand that's all I know about her so far. Oh I lied, she's got somes nekomimi, which I also dig - and a tail! Lastly, I snatched up the bewitching Kanzaki Kaori from my new favoritist anime in the whole wide world, To Aru Majutsu no Index. I lied again, Geass still takes my heart more than any other for the most part, but Index is up there. ^_^ I like how Koto's figures aren't that expensive, I was able to get Biribiri - aka Misaka Mikoto - (who has yet to return from Robert's Corner Anime Store, btw -_-;), Shiroi Kuroko and Kanzaki for what I'd normally pay for two 1/8 PVCs. I'll have plenty of pics once I get them, hopefully by Friday. That is if Hobby Search doesn't drag their feet which they seem to have been more often than not lately.

I also need to catch up on this season's anime. Fullmetal Alchemist is already up to episode 3 and there are several others that I've only seen the premiere of so far. Everything so far this season has lived up (or down) to what I expected it to be. Eden of the East looks to be the front-runner for me this season so far. I'm just saddened that after the epic Gundam of the last two seasons I'm sure we won't see a new TV series for a while. QQ

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Anime Figures Toys said...

Not building that train set might not be too bad an idea because you might end up buying more when you do so! Heheheh! I am looking forward to it though!