Friday, November 26, 2010

Evangelion Fruits Punch Figures feat. Okama エヴァエクストラフィギュアフルーツパンチ feat. Okama

I think these are my favorites of my most recent acquisitions. I knew ahead of time that they were Sega arcade prizes, so I wasn't quite expecting the level of quality that they ended up being. I already have a set of Okama-designed Eva figures that are Matsuri/Festival edition, that are really nice, but these are of an almost "1/8 scale PVC" quality, and they really didn't cost that much, either. US$17.90 a piece at Play-Asia and still in stock as of this post! Each of the two girls have a specific fruit theme - Rei, lemon & Asuka, strawberry - and have translucent clothes over stripes, as well as a fruit-themed umbrella. Again, I don't know how or why $90 figures wind up having "mass production blemishes" on them & these supposedly "cheap" arcade prizes have seemingly higher quality sometimes, but I don't see a single blemish or problem on either one. And with 2 different materials on each figure, that's downright amazing. I really like Okama's art style, and when combined with Rei & Asuka, well, let's just say, I won't ever be getting rid of any of the four figures I have that are designed by Okama anytime soon...

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