Monday, November 29, 2010

Microman MyClone ミクロマン・マイクロン

Picked 29 of these up for a mere 2500yen (plus commission, plus shipping, plus... nevermind), but the astute observer will notice that there are only 23 here. 6 were doubles, so I'm going to try to sell them on ebay.

Around 2000-2001, Medicom started making "designer Lego figures" that were usually anime or something else J-themed, called Kubricks. These extremely popular figures usually came 3 to a box with accessories & stands. Some of these were sold in blind boxes as trading figures, with some like the Metal Gear Solid series having "chase figures" (like KidRobot) being in an extremely small ratio, sometimes being even as few as 1 per case. Some also were exclusive to certain stores, or were included with product sets & garnered a crazy price in shops or at auction.

There were many imitators that sought to cash in on this, and Takara was not immune. They super-deformed their already aptly-named Microman franchise from the 70s/80s that they brought back around 1999 & made blind box sets of figures from 2002 onward. There were 2 sets containing Microman, Acroyear & Henshin Cyborg, before Takara moved onto their other lucrative franchise - Transformers.

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