Thursday, November 25, 2010

Megaman.EXE Mini Gashapon Machines ロックマンエグゼ・ミニガチャ

Got my mitts on a set of 3 (of 4, but I just won the 4th on YHJA) Rockman.EXE Mini Gashapon machines by Yujin. These are from 2004, but somehow Mugen Toys still had em in stock. I got Blues, Bass & Searchman, and the cool thing is that the Bass & Searchman versions light up when you turn the little crank on the front! They have multicolored LEDs that flash alternating colors when activated. I won the remaining one I need, the blue Rockman version, and that is also a light-up version. These ironically came in Gashapon capsules, and you had a chance of getting either a light-up or non light-up version at random when you plunked your 200 yen into the slot on the real machine. Each machine comes with a set of tiny capsules to put in the machine and even tinier toys to stick in the capsules, that are molded in the shape of the enemies in the Rockman.EXE games. Ah, I love Japan so, so much. ^^

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