Friday, November 19, 2010

Touhou Nendoroid Remilia Scarlet & Puchi Nendo Vol 2 東方ねんどろいどレミリア・スカーレット+ぷちねんどVol 2

Another month, another exclusive Touhou Nendoroid hunted down. This month it's Remilia Scarlet. While I'll have to wait a little while yet to get my hands on Flandre, Remilia came courtesy of Otacute, this month. She comes with her trademark hat, Gungnir, wings & a special stand, just like the other 3 releases so far. This sculpting of her captures her shape & original design really well. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this version of her.

Also, in the same package from Otacute came the second set of Touhou Puchi Nendos. The 3 girls included this time are Marisa Kirisame, Alice Margatroid & Patchouli Knowledge. Like the first time around, they are really well done, of high quality, and I'm glad I purchased them.

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