Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tohato Bakkun Habanero "Demon Cheese" Flavor 東ハト暴君ハバネロ魔界チーズ味


Got these because I love the snacks, but also the bag is awesome and will look good on my wall. Bakkun, the mascot, has Frankenstein-like stitches & a bolt on his face on the front, presumably because these are the "Demon World Cheese" flavored special edition for Halloween. I remember whenever I went to Japan the first time in 1996 & barely anyone even knew what Halloween was, and now it's celebrated every year there even by smallish communities. (If Twitter is to be believed =P) I wasn't necessarily put off by this, because I'm sure the taste will be awesome, but the snacks themselves kinda look like anuses, lololol.

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Kuujiryo said...

Oooh wow, I haven't tried this type yet o.o Totally need to order myself a crate of Boukun Habanero soon.