Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fable 3 & Fallout New Vegas Limited Editions

Games anymore have really amazing collectors/limited/special editions. Whereas in the olden days, you'd preorder a game & get a keychain or some small thing like a guide or book or something, they've really been amping up special editions as of this generation of consoles. (and especially lately) I'm a sucker for special or limited stuff, as you can see on this blog, but I don't buy just any special editions. If it's some special guide or graphic novel or something, I usually don't bite.

There usually has to be something "tangible", and not just pieces of printed paper or something. But competitively, with DLC becoming the norm for a lot of games, retailers like Gamestop & Best Buy offer exclusive DLC/extras for buying with them, which also sweetens the pot. Gamestop took this whole exclusivity concept one step further with their LE release of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (which I have, but haven't taken pics of yet). Normal LE releases purchased at any other store than Gamestop came with a jack-in-the-box of the character The Doctor, wearing a medical mask with a syringe. The Gamestop limited edition, however, comes with a jack that is a Harlequin holding 2 knives along with an exclusive in-game multiplayer skin of the Harlequin himself.

I've purchased 5 really terrific special editions lately, 2 of which I'm featuring here. Along with AC Brotherhood, Castlevania & Dead Rising 2, I've purchased Fable 3 & Fallout New Vegas' collector's packages.

Fable 3 is definitely awesome as far as the actual packaging, it comes in a faux leather book, with a false compartment. In the pull-out compartment are playing cards with art in the style of the game, which are awesome (and as I said above, pieces of paper don't impress me, but the art on these, as well as the design of the cards overall are really cool), as well as a "guild coin", which you're, I guess, supposed to flip to make good/evil decisions in the game.

Fallout's package is a little more beefy, containing one of the coolest things I've ever seen in a LE game edition. There are real fake chips from the casinos in the game included. They're made of the same material as real casino chips, too. There's also a "Platinum Chip" made of metal that is most assuredly not platinum, a "Making of" DVD, playing cards (naturally) & a hardcover graphic novel.

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