Thursday, November 18, 2010

One Piece Yura Yura Ship Collection ワンピースゆらゆら海賊船コレクション

 The One Piece Yura Yura (onomatopoeia for "swaying") Ship Collection Vol 1 is really neat. They're non-scale models of the famous ships from One Piece, and when placed on their bases, they rock or sway. Each one comes with a flag, and a concave base with the name of the ship written in Comic Sans (lol) on it. They're remarkably detailed for such tiny replicas that aren't very expensive, either. The lineup for this set was: Going Merry, Thousand Sunny, MARINE Ship, Nine-Snake Pirates & Garp's Ship. The next set will be coming at the beginning of next year, & yes I have already preordered it. ^^

Have been buying little bits from Play-Asia for the past month or so. If trading figures are too expensive to buy by the box (more and more are at today's exchange rate), or if you can't collect all of a set without buying multiple boxes, or don't necessarily want the whole set, I will - on rare occasions - buy individual blind boxes. Not many places do this, short of buying on Yahoo Japan Auctions, and Play-Asia is one of the few who do. I liked these One Piece Strong World Fruit Party blind box trading figures, and decided to buy a few.

Well, I wound up liking what I got, though I didn't get exactly the figures I wanted. So I ordered a few more the last time. Three the first time, four the second. I did the exact opposite of what you're supposed to do - I purchased multiple pieces at different times, and yup, of the 4 I ordered the second time, I got all 3 from the first order, in the second one. The one double I didn't get was Franky, who you see above. So now, I'm just cutting my losses and using YHJ Auctions to get the 4 or 5 left over, that I want.

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these are awesome!